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Poster: Administrator, Curator, or StaffNoiseCollector Date: Apr 16, 2009 5:23pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Debunking your points and then leaving this along

"aint no time to hate."

Agreed, standing up for responsible government is our duties as citizens, it's not "racism".

"Some people just don't get the message."


"No sense arguing w/the NC's of the world. They rant and rave about people who call Gingrich a fascist then protest when they can't make their own disparaging comments about blacks, jews, lesbians, whatever."

When? Where? When I stand up to the anti semites of the left in the forums on here? What did I say about lesbians? What are you talking about? Rachel Maddow is lesbianism? Is she jewish too? Is that your argument? Antisemitism is rampant on this site by the left and the right. Neo nazi's who give white's a bad name and socialist anti-zionists (some jewish themselves) are all over this place, you just gotta look around... to coin a phrase.

Stop accusing people of things they are not guilty of and stop thinking opposing points of view are hatred. You are making your own points invalid.

I would never walk around with a sign for anyone. That is what voting booths are for and if that doesn't work, we have the 2nd amendment. It's all in the constitution, you should read it! See my "idiots with signs" video... westboro baptist to pro-illegal, all one and the same...

"Total hypocrisy from a paranoid wing of rightist losers who think the country is "right wing" when clearly the country refuted 8 years of utter right wing failure in the recent election. They got their asses kicked and now try to blame the shit-pile left on Obama's doorstep from the most clueless administation in modern history ona mere 2 months of Obama-ism."

For one, most people there were libertarians so you are once again not telling the truth. Please stop if you want to talk with any credibility. Bush was far from conservative and made way for obama to finish us off. I hold john mccain as responsible as I do obama... now what? Darn took your ammunition away, sorry. Both parties are BULLSHIT, don't you get that?

All of this is your spin, you do know that right? The right wing are no better, get a clue and be your own person like me. It's a truly liberating feeling to through off the chains of partisan bullshit, religion, communism, it's all bogus nonsense... educate yourself.... please.

"Sad, sad, neo-cons."

Agreed, republicans built the coffin, democrats nailed the lid on... both guilty as charged. Again, you are not watching my videos. Instead of taking offense to blue collar jokes about some tomboy with an agenda painting patritism as racism because she disagrees with it and then attacking me and calling me a racist which you would never do to my face. Have I once attacked your character or integrity ever? I doubt it... unless you started it by de-evolving the debate into that tired neo-con sound byte nonsense I am about tired of by now, as are most people.

"Bush sent $700 Billion of bailout money to AIG and the other failed institutions of Wall Street, but somehow it's the Dems who are the socialists. Hilarious."

They are both guilty... did you hear the music? I target bush throughout the video and the soundtrack and you ignore the substance beause your rose colored glasses block out anything that might challenge your world views.

I used to be as close to a marxist as you can be, so spare me the stupid neo-con labels and futile attempts at accusations of bigotry.

When the world is a place I cannot joke around about rachel maddow without you calling in the hague war criminal jury, I certainly don't want myself or my children living in it.

All this tolerance and diversity you preach means nothing when it comes to opposing arguments. You immediately attack the messenger and discount valid points, as you slipped and admitted I was making, because I dissed that smirking spinster who has no personal interest in our children's future due to the laws of nature, not god.

Everyone is free to suck, fuck or fondle anything they want as long as it ain't a kid, a helpless animal or an unwilling participant. Am I a bigot? Blow me. I will actually go gay long enough for you to finish and be ok with it. There you happy? I'm gay now, but only for you.

Stop taking everything so personally.

Stop accusing people of racism, that is worse than racism itself.

Stop telling everyone I am some kinda neo-con golfing mansion owner. I am lower middle class white trash raised on food stamps and meth deal profits, spare me your class warfare. I moved here with $250 bucks and a half a tank of gass and have lost everything twice.

You have no clue what my life or the real world is like.

I bet you $50 you either live with your parents or they sent you to a nice school and you probably dropped out to rebel against them or some lame emo anti-athoritarian martyrdom scenario... save it.

Personally, I have nothing against you. Why you target me is redundant, it only brings more attention to the fact that I am right and you are wrong.

I support legalization of marijuana.

I am against censorship of ALL freedom of speech, not just what I want to here.

I make less than 50k a year (now) and don't go to church unless someone dies and it would be rude not to go.

I don't think there is heaven or hell but respect those that do, that is tolerance my friend.

I support women's right to do whatever they want. Where is the outcry on the left over saudi women's rights? Please let's hear some outcry over iranian women's ppression? Iranian's murder of homosexuals? Anyone?

No one finds it strange the 'human righs' and 'gay rights' and other 'social justice' groups remain silent on sudan, iran, saudi arabia, etc????? Anyone?

If you care to listen to some audio I am working on you will here outcries against both parties and speeches by democrats, libertarians and republicans speaking out on wasteful spending.

You want racist protests? Google atzlan, google uhuru, google jamal alakazoo or whatever fake name criminals take to try and sound religious and righteous after they murder someone.

Bullshit smells but eventually it dries up and blows away....

Then I pick shrooms from it.

In closing, let me be absolutely clear about this. I never called you a communist or a fascist or anything. You attacked me, and I am sure if I click around you have before, whatever, that is your right. Good for you. No hard feelings from me. I am far from a neo-con and have proven it in actions and words time and again. I am 90% libertarian, 8% conservative and 2% liberal. I believe in freedom, period. Don't force your ways on me, or try and stop me from living my life they way I want.

What is wrong with that? I don't think ANYONE should be given special treatment based on race, gender, relgion, etc.

You should be judged on your accomplishments, ability and determination.

You don't automatically get respect you must earn it.

You don't attack people without just cause and you don't do it in a cowardlay way.

You try to go about your life and get along with your neighbors but you do not let them insult you, attack you or your family or STEAL FROM YOU. We are being ROBBED by both parties and it's been going on for decades.

Read up on german history in the 1930's and see where that went... not my idea of utopia by any means...

Use your brain before you use your heart, hearts can be replaced... brains can't.

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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Apr 17, 2009 2:53am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Debunking your points and then leaving this along

Dude, I tried watching your silly little video but it bored me to tears. Visual propaganda set to bad trance music doesn't inform or entertain, it just annoys.

So does your tiresome fatalism, faux-world-wise mantra of 'all parties suck', 'everyone lies', I'm my own person, I have no agenda bullshit.

What's your message--that all is lost and we're all doomed, but watch my videos anyway? Wow. Talk about needing to grow up.

WORK for some change if you don't like something, instead of spending your time making juvenile video montages no one cares about and spewing political rants on a GRATEFUL DEAD forum. As I've said before, that makes about as much sense as complaining about the quality of your town roads on a forum for Brittney Spears fans.

Lighten up, indeed...you should follow your own advice.

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Poster: Administrator, Curator, or StaffNoiseCollector Date: Apr 17, 2009 5:26am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: visual propaganda?

You are calling me juvenile?

Read what you just wrote, making unfounded generalizations and inaccurate personal attacks.

Trance music at 170bpm?

You are either very narrow minded or uninformed about what is happening in the world.

Thank for watching the video, if you really did, which I doubt. You probably got mad when you realized it was sarcastic and their were no nazi's there wacko.

That is every photo I took and a sarcastic view of the MSNBC spin on it, didn't you vote for al franken?

Ever laugh when chevy fell down steps?

A bit one sided are ya?

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Poster: grendelschoice Date: Apr 17, 2009 7:11am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: visual propaganda?

I did watch your video for as long as I could stand it.

I call it trance music because it numbs the mind in its repetitive banality at any speed.

Also, check your grammar. You're using the word "their" in a completely wrong context. People who pretend to speak knowledgeably about such serious issues should have better than a 5th-grade grasp of basic grammar rules.

And lighten up, Francis. Obama won't take your guns away, and you can keep making your little video projects as long as you want. The guys in the black helicopters don't care what you do.